The Second Age

The Second Age may be coming to an end. For the last 800 years, the Scarlet Empress has ruled from her seat in the Blessed Isle with an iron fist, controlling and influencing much of Creation. The Scavenger Lands, located in the East of Creation, thrives in its independence from the Realm, but like much of Creation, it is merely a shadow of its former glory. Fives years ago, the Scarlet Empress mysteriously disappeared, throwing the Realm into chaos and threatening to bring ruin to the sovereignty of independent states in a sort of mad grab for power. More troublesome is the recent sacking of the city of Thorns. Four years ago, the Deathlord known as Mask of Winters marched his undead legions through the thin fabric that separates Creation from the Underworld and quickly overwhelmed Thorn’s defenses in a coup that lasted mere days. All the while, the borders of Creation are being slowly eroded by the swirling chaos and shapelessness of the Wyld.

Creation stands on the edge of a great divide. Will the forces of evil and despair push Creation over the edge into the Void? Will the Fair Folk of the Wyld make another push to return order to its natural form, disorder? Or will the forces of Creation be united under the banner of heroes reclaiming the glory of the First Age? The Loom of Fate, the giant machine that weaves the tapestry of Fate in Creation, has been silent in its answers. And as the Gods of Creation are occupied with playing the Games of Divinity, Creation’s destiny hangs in the balance.

You are playing the role of a Solar Exalt, one borne from the Essence of the Unconquered Sun. Will you be a hero to Creation or will you live up to your sobriquet of Anathema? What directions, pray tell, will the winds of fate be blowing, and who among you are immune to their playful currents and dangerous gales?

About the Game

These are some basic thoughts about the game’s setting and character scope. The game will follow the Core Rules of character creation as presented in Chapter 2 of the Core. Try to read the chapter twice before you start drafting and idea for a character. The focus of this game is not the character sheet but rather the persona of your character. I expect twice as much thought be put into how the character is as opposed to how to assign dots on a sheet. As such, I’m expecting a short story explaining your character’s past, goals, etc. (Here is an example of one of my backgrounds) of about two to ten pages in length. The story should definitely include the moment your character had his or her Second Breath. Your story will earn you extra bonus points for character creation.

As for the setting, this game is going to take place in the Scavenger Lands, specifically within the Confederation of Rivers cities Lookshy, Nexus and Great Forks. The game should include a lot of social interactions, tons of physical combat and maybe war/mass combat. The story will explore in equal parts Dragon Blooded and Abyssal NPCs. Alchemical and Infernal Exalts have no real role in this first arc (though events may change this). The pace should be fast, skipping over many mundane things like travel and such. The story will be very nuanced and good notes are a must.

While I would recommend not reading anything containing major spoilers (such as the story surrounding the Scarlet Empress’s disappearance), pretty much all of Exalted’s canon is going to be used in this game. Lore will become an important score in allowing your character to recognize things that you may have read outside of the game. Of course, there may be some liberties taken by myself (or information I hadn’t stumbled across yet), so stuff might not be 100% accurate.

I’m debating whether to use some of the errata released by White-Wolf. In some updates, they completely changed the way charm timing worked and never released any updated editions of the Core Rulebook to give synergy between old and new rules. This will likely be a case-by-case type of scenario because many of the updates helped the game.

Before we begin this game, we will meet for at least one session to watch some Exalted-like material to get into the mindset for the game. We’ll also start the character creation process.


Winds of Fate